Our Mission

The Andrew Ennabe Charitable Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization being formed under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) whose goal is to help children in developing countries who have suffered a dismemberment, disfigurement or other crippling injury. These children have absolutely no financial means to pay for surgery, prosthetic devices, or rehabilitation.

The Andrew Ennabe Foundation is rare in that it is operated with no direct labor expenses as the organization is managed through a well established network of volunteers. All officers and directors work without compensation. It is our goal that the Andrew Ennabe Charitable Foundation will be a model charitable organization by helping maimed and disfigured children while incurring the lowest operating expenses of any organization of its type.

The Andrew Ennabe Foundation appeals to the hearts of those who envision a world with less suffering and pain and who can help our foundation to achieve our life-enhancing goals for the innocent children who will continue to suffer without our help. Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all who have helped make this foundation possible and who willingly support our mission.

I arise today.
through God's strength to pilot me:
God's might to uphold me,
God's wisdom to guide me,
God's eye to look before me,
God's ear to hear me,
God's word to speak for me,
God's hand to guard me,
God's way to lie before me,
God's shield to protect me.

- St. Patrick, 433