Andrew's Case

On Friday night April 27, 2007... just a few days before Andrew’s 20th birthday, Andrew’s unexpected nightmare happened. He was struck by a young drunken driver, and he was severely injured. He was taken by helicopter to the emergency room at USC Trauma Center, shortly after arriving; he was pronounced “Brain Dead”.

Andrew was kept in the hospital for six days on life support, surrounded by all of us, family and friends. Hundreds and hundreds of people came to see him and pray for him with us. Every night, David (Andrew's younger brother) used to stay by his brother's bedside taking the night shift, leaning over his bed talking to him and bowing his head in prayers. Upon hearing the nurses' footsteps coming into the room, he would step back while they checked on Andrew. But the night before Andrew's body gave up; he heard what he believed to be the routine footsteps of the nurses. As he got up to step back, something strange happened. He did not see any nurses coming into the room, instead he saw a vision, which he believes that it was an Angel standing beside Andrew, wearing a red gown adorned with white crosses and his hair is up to his shoulder!!!!!!! He was amazed, stood there in disbelief.Shortly after that Andrew's vital signs started to drop.

Next day David told us about his vision, and at night Andrew's body finally gave up. We knew then that an Angel came to accompany Andrewês soul to his new and eternal life with our Lord Jesus Christ. The next morning, God gave us the wisdom to help other peopleês life by donating Andrewês organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. As the doctor explained to us More than 80 patients, would be very grateful and thankful for Andrew because they will have a chance to live a better life. Sadly, Andrewês heart could not be salvaged because it stopped on its own.

Several days later, while reflecting on our tragic experience, we thought that the Angel who appeared to David was St. Andrew since he is usually depicted wearing a red and white gown. Later we were astonished, humbled and grateful to realize that Davidês vision of the Angel was in fact our Lord Jesus Christ Himself – Glory to His Name”...because David recognized Him from a picture that my friend gave me called –Jesus the King”. The driver of the car who hit Andrew is being prosecuted and is charged with murder, 3 counts of assult with a deadly weapon and one count of hit and run. He is 20 years old and he is from Pomona. He is awaiting trial while being held in county jail on one million dollars bail.

Finally, we kindly ask everyone to keep us in their prayers, because we are in much need for extra strength and endurance to keep us going on.

Thank you so much and God Bless you.
Faiez, Christina, Michael and David Ennabe

Andrews Case
Andrews Case
Andrews Case

Case is over - 1/31/08

In a plea bargain with the district attorney's office,the young man that killed Andrew pleaded guilty to voluntary vehicular manslaughter and 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

On January 24th,2008 he was sentenced to 14 years in state prison...

Thanks God, we are glad that it's over and we don't have to deal with this nightmare any more...

Thank you all for all your support and Love...

God Bless you all

With all our love,

Faiez & Christina Ennabe and Family