Andrew's Life

Andrew's LifeOn May 6th, 1987 God blessed us with a very special boy. He was a very happy baby. His personality was so special to the point that his first grade teacher once told me that he is a man in a little boy's body!!! He was so mature, he used to give advice to so many kids. He was very funny especially in school, he was the clown of the class but the teachers loved him anyway. He was very loving and caring young man, he used to stay with his grandma at home and watch T.V with her so she would not be alone . He was very courageous, last year he stoped a robber from breaking into our neighbor's home. He was very friendly, he would get along easily with very young people as well as older people. He was very handsome and very neat, to the point that he used to change 2 to 3 shirts a day. He loved to work at the business, with his dad and uncle. He never wanted to be an employee, he always wanted to be a boss. He loved to play soccer and he was very successful at being a goalie. He loved our Lord Jesus and used to go with us to church on Sundays to pray. He was a very respectful young man. He lived his life to the fullest, traveled to so many places and enjoyed living his life with dignity. I can go on for ever but There just not enough words to describe him.

Andrew's Life
Andrew's Life
Andrew's Life

"Dear Mom
I hear you crying everday
And I wish I could wake up and say
I love you, I have since day one
I hope I was a great son
Mom I swear it was not me
The kid was just very angry
I want to wake up so so bad
And I know I'm making everybody feel sad
I've been fighting to live here
My jobs not done
I have just merely begun
Tell Mike and David I love them so
And I won't give up
I'm just not ready to go
Tell dad he's my hero
And the mistakes he's made are near zero
Tell my cousins and friends thanks for stopping by
And with your prayers I feel like I can fly
I'm going to rest now but trust me I'm still here
Just don't give up, keep your prayers near
Good night mom, it just feels right
But I promise I'll pray for you every night
I love you mom"

Ashley Farah